Finery London is a new invite-only fashion brand with a goal of putting the excitement back into shopping.

We were asked to design a physical launch campaign aimed at promoting the brand to the fashion conscious Soho public. The solution involved taking over a shop-front to create an exciting and interactive installation that would showcase the clothing and express Finery’s brand message – “Clothes designed to re-inspire”.

The installation consisted of a moving conveyer belt displaying the new Spring / Summer clothing collection, this was chosen as a way to show a variety of products while also being eye-catching to someone walking by. The conveyer was surrounded by custom Finery wallpaper consisting of product sketches, brand photography and quotations.

A screen and Leap motion sensor were included in the window to enhance the installation with an interactive element, where users could use swiping gestures to scroll through a look-book. This also gave us an opportunity to reward the user with an exclusive Finery invite code (randomly shown on screen during a session) which can be used to access the e-commerce site.

The video below shows the installation in action, with some further detail shots below.

finery-01.jpg finery-02.jpg finery-03.jpg finery-04.jpg finery-05.jpg finery-06.jpg