Each month .Net Magazine ask three designers to create a website based on a fictional brief for their Design Challenge feature.

I was asked to take part in the challenge for November 2014, the brief asked us to create a website for a fireworks / pyrotechnic company. I had many initial ideas of what my pyrotechnics company could be, everything from a simple e-commerce site to a digital safety features, but I wanted to do something a little different.

My hometown (Southport) is host to the British Musical Firework Championships and the inspiration for PyroTech. The concept behind this web app is to aid the curation of a musical firework extravaganza by giving the artist a platform to experiment with various firework and music options in their browser.

The user will be able to browse through and preview PyroTech’s large catalogue of fireworks and music to find the right combination for their custom show. Then by adding their selected items to the timeline they can assemble their show (similar to most video editing software) and be able to view a life-like preview in the browser. Once complete the user is able to order the physical set of fireworks and accompanying music through the web app to put on their show.

This project was published in the print and digital editions of .Net Magazine.


fireworks-a88c5d.jpg music.jpg preview.jpg