Demoing a .NET solution to clients without the need to wait behind a build process

Recently I moved over to a new client working in a .NET solution, coming from a team where we primarily worked on front-end heavy sites with minimal back-end CMS integration this was a big change. C# and Razor being relatively straight forward languages to pick up and MVC taking a little time to cement in, I didn’t have a great deal of trouble, where I did stumble was the deployment process.

A guide to creating grid systems that are built around your content

There is an underlying principle to designing layouts effectively and that is the humble grid. Grids are everywhere and you’ve most likely not noticed them or paid much attention to them, that’s because a grid isn’t there to be the star of the show. The grid is there to guide you in creating the star.

Web Designers guide to the command line (the bits you’ll actually use)

This guide is based on Mac commands. Windows syntax is slightly different and covered in-depth here.

Dynamic Web Typography with Typekit

Web performance budgets are a hot topic right now and for very good reasons. We as designers have been let off the lead recently (relatively free from not doing things because a certain browser can’t) and are having a blast using big high-res imagery, background videos and the font-stack of our dreams. Unfortunately all of this comes at a cost, and that is a monetary one to the user (data isn’t cheap!)